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About Span Software Consultants Limited


Formed in 1976, Span Software is proud of its record in providing systems software to IBM mainframe sites worldwide for over 30 years.

Span's consultants have participated in many significant projects for major British banks and financial institutions.

Furthermore, Span Software has over 30 years of experience in delivering and maintaining software to support restartable applications.


Span Software's Consultants

The Consultancy division of Span Software Consultants Limited exists to provide IBM and compatible mainframe installations with experienced Systems Consultants on short - or long - term contracts.

Specialization to this degree provides us with a unique understanding of the needs of our clients to overcome such problems as operating system migration, performance monitoring and tuning, and system maintenance, when insufficient 'in house' expertise exists, or when it is expedient to recruit for short periods. All our consultants are salaried employees of Span Software.

Our Consultants, who all undergo an in-depth technical and character interview before being accepted as a member of our team, are highly trained specialists with a minimum of 15 years experience. The majority have considerable consultancy experience to their credit and all enjoy the challenge of working at a variety of installations. Consultants with experience of IMS, Fastpath, DB2, MVS and z/OS are usually available, given sufficient notice, and we also specialize in the large-scale implementation of cryptography.

Following an initial enquiry from a client, we accurately interpret the requirements, supply full curriculum vitae in a standard format, and make all interview arrangements as required by our client. We are also pleased to submit resumes of Consultants as they become available, upon receiving full details of a company's installation. This service is offered without cost or obligation.

We pride ourselves on being specialists in a specialist field.