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SPANEX Manuals Online

This page contains links to the SPANEX manuals in PDF format.  In order to view these manuals you will need Adobe® Reader, which may be obtained by clicking the button below.

Spankey Manuals


Manual Size of download Description of manual contents
SPANEX Scheduling Beginning User's Guide 339KB A simple primer for first use of SPANEX Job Scheduling features
SPANEX General Usage Guide 462KB Manual for General SPANEX features
SPANEX Restart and Job Networking Guide 981KB Manual for SPANEX Job Scheduling and Automatic Job Restart features
SPANEX Messages and Codes 512KB Manual containing explanations of all messages and abend codes issued by SPANEX
Span Macros Manual 522KB Span Software OS/390 and z/OS Assembler Macros supplied with SPANEX
Span Service Routines Manual 385KB Span Software OS/390 and z/OS Assembler Service Routines supplied with SPANEX