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SPICE DL/I Release 3.1

The explosion in the number of on-line application systems has not removed the need for batch processing. Every industry can quote processes that are most efficiently performed by programs that do not require direct supervision from a terminal. It is a growing trend that commercial and competitive considerations dictate that such processing be performed concurrently with the on-line systems. IMS applications can be run in such a fashion only if they are restartable.

SPICE DL/I is a software package that complements the facilities of IBM's IMS system, for batch application programs. It provides a complete environment for the development, maintenance and operation of restartable IMS application programs.

Users of SPICE DL/I benefit from the following:


SPICE DL/I provides easy to use facilities for controlling SPICE DL/I programs. It provides fully automatic restart of failing application programs, simply by resubmission of the job; no JCL changes are required. The same operational technique can be applied to all application jobs using SPICE DL/I.

The SPICE DL/I programming facilities are simple to learn and use. SPICE DL/I programs request restart facilities, including sequential file processing, by issuing DL/I statements. Minimal training of programming staff is required. SPICE DL/I includes powerful facilities for controlling application program checkpoint processing. These facilities minimise the programmer's responsibility for checkpoint frequency. This results in less complex programs. SPICE DL/I also includes easy-to-use facilities for testing restartable application programs. Senior development staff are released from the task of developing and maintaining in-house facilities and procedures. SPICE DL/I results in reduced development and maintenance costs.

SPICE DL/I meets the highest standards of reliability and integrity. The nature and timing of external failures will not compromise the ability of SPICE DL/I to restart the application successfully.

SPICE DL/I was developed and is marketed by Span Software Consultants Limited. Span Software has been providing systems software for IBM mainframes since 1976. Furthermore, Span Software has over 25 years of experience in delivering and maintaining software to support restartable applications.


SPICE and SPICE SQL are trademarks of Span Software Consultants Limited. IBM and DB2 are trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation.