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Accidents happen. Faults occur.

Yet, in a fault-tolerant environment, the problems they cause can be kept to a minimum. SPICE creates just such an environment.

SPICE has the easiest restart procedure for batch applications. When a job crashes, it only has to be re-submitted for an automatic restart to take place. The job doesn't go back to the beginning, and the restart itself takes the least possible time. That means database availability is maximized. If extended database availability is important, SPICE will make it work for you.

Using the same simple restart procedure for all database processing programs, SPICE is highly efficient for operator training, too.

How much can you save when you run?


IBM's IMS and DB2 facilities use fixed database checkpoints indiscriminately, using up valuable processing time. Only SPICE will save time by implementing checkpoints selectively. That's because SPICE constantly scans the whole processing environment, both the job being processed and others waiting, and calculates when it is most efficient to implement a checkpoint.

Only SPICE makes processing and restarts this efficient. Can you really afford to be without it?


SPICE is available in two versions for IBM z/OS systems:

SPICE/DLI for IMS database systems


With both versions installed, shared processing and mixed database environments are fully supported.


Link to SPANEX page for automatic restart and job control for all MVS environments.


The SPICE product family was developed and is marketed by Span Software Consultants Limited. Span Software has been providing systems software for IBM mainframes since 1976. Furthermore, Span Software has over 30 years of experience in delivering and maintaining software to support restartable applications.


SPICE, SPICE/DLI, SPICE/SQL and SPANEX are trademarks of Span Software Consultants Limited.
IBM and DB2 are trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation.