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Welcome to the Span Software website

Span Software provides system software for IBM's z/OS, IMS and DB2 mainframe systems.

We specialize in performance, reliability and usability.Are you ready for a crash?

Our products include SpanKey Cryptographic Key Management System, SPANEX Job Scheduling and Restart system, SPICE/DLI and SPICE/SQL automatic application checkpoint and restart systems, and BEARS/IMS performance monitor.



About Span Software

This page contains information about Span Software Consultants Limited.

Our Products

Visit this page for information on the products we develop and sell for
IBM mainframe (z/OS) customers.

Spankey Version 3.1 available

Release 3.1 of SPICE/DLI™ and SPICE/SQL™ is now available.

Download Fixes and Patches

This page contains downloadable maintenance for SpanKey, SPICE/SQL, SPICE DL/I, BEARS/IMS and SPANEX.

Contact us

How to get in touch with us, for information and technical support.